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We have a limited supply of items in our store.
Here are a few items you can get here.

Zumbro River Ratz Jackets $25.00

Lightweight, hooded windbreakers that fold into their own pocket
They fit into a sandwich baggie. Perfect for the river!
We have a very limited supply of these, so get yours while we still have some.

Sunscreen $2.00

Always a good thing to have on the river.

Zumbro River Ratz Wrapz with Strapz $15.00

Custom made for Zumbro River Ratz by:

Toobtops $25.00
Very popular in the southern states, NEW HERE!
Now, you can buy one of these amazing toobtops
at Zumbro River Ratz. Stop in buy one today!

We also have small coolers for rent. $5.00
With a $2.00 refund when the cooler is returned.

Because it can be difficult to carry a large cooler on a kayak,
we have small coolers for rent.

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