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Things to Know:
If you are going to use your GPS to find us,
Our address won't get you here. Your best bet is to
just type "Zumbro River Ratz". It will bring you right to our facility.
We are across the street from a ball park.


Flip flops are NOT recommended for use in the river. They do not stay on your feet in running water! A tight fitting shoe is best, because the river is full of sharp rocks, glass and other sorts of sharp objects. The last thing you want to lose on the river is your shoes!

It is easiest to get onto your float if you are on the shallow side of the boat. Keep your weight centered as you get on so you don't dump yourself off the other side.

Everything you bring on the river with you will be at risk of getting wet or lost! Please do not bring anything on the river that you are not willing to lose. Most people bring things along that they atempt to keep dry, but if you don't zip up your ziplock or snap your plastic container, your stuff is going to get wet!

When the float is dragging because you are in water too shallow, you have a good chance of putting a hole in it. Rocks are sharp and the floats aren't solid, so any scratching of it's surface will make the plastic thinner, eventually resulting in a hole. So if you find yourself rubbing the bottom of the river, stand up and pull the float to deeper water. Floaters will be charged for damage caused by misuse.

Pushing yourself to deeper water by shoving the paddle into the land and lifting your butt will likely result in a broken paddle. PLEASE Stand up and pull your float to deeper water. Renters are responsible for replacement of broken or lost paddles.

If you find yourself way ahead of your party, look along the edges of the river for a beach or an eddy. What? You don't know what an eddy is? An eddy is water that flows opposite from the normal flow of a river. There are many along the edges of Zumbro River. You can usually see that the flow of the water is going backwards, or upstream, along the banks. Some of them are small and some are very large. They are a great place to go wait for your party to catch up.

If you find yourself uncomfortably behind your party, paddle like crazy and hope your party knows what an eddy is.

Always be sure you take out of the river everything you bring into it. Bringing a plastic bag to throw your cans and wrappers into is an excellent idea!
(Paper bags don't work so well when they get wet.)

It is always a good idea to bring along a change of clothes and some dry shoes for your ride home. We leave ours in our cars at the landing, so we have them when we get off the river.

~Note: Zumbro River Ratz is not responsiible for any personal items you leave in your car or in your float.~


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