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Sit-on-top Kayaking Tips

When getting onto your kayak, it is easiest if you are on the shallow side of the boat.

Put the kayak completely into the water so it is about knee height and sit on it like you would a bench.

Bring your feet up while spinning into position.


Hold your paddle with your fingers facing forward, about shoulder length apart.

Paddling on the right will turn your kayak to the left.

Paddling on the left will turn your kayak to the right.

Dragging your paddle or paddling backwards will turn you kayak toward the side your paddle is in the water.

Paddling back and forth once on each side is usually the easiest way to go forward.

Keep your weight centered.

Don't float the rapids sideways. You may get dumped.

Avoid Trees!!


How to re-enter a sit-on-top kayak in deep water:

If the boat is upside down, it will need to be turned over.

To do this, reach across the bottom of the kayak and grab the scupper holes.

Bring your knees up and onto the bottom of the kayak.

Lean back and the boat will roll over.

Position yourself so your head is near the seating area of the kayak while facing the kayak.

Lift your feet to float to the surface behind you by floating on your belly.

Reach across the boat to the far edge and swim up and onto the kayak,
so your bellybutton is at thecenter of the kayak.

(Your belly should be between the foot wells and the seat.)

Next, roll over onto your backside which should end up in the seat.

Sit up, swing your feet into the foot wells and you're ready to go.


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