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What Not to Bring:
  Don't bring FLIP FLOPS!
Wear sensible shoes!
We are tired of collecting flip flops from the river.
If you don't have any water shoes, we will be happy to sell you some at the rental station. Maybe we'll have your size.

Leave Your


at Home!


If you drop it, it's lost.

Just like that!

Bottles and breakable containers do not belong on the river!
Please buy your beverages in plastic or cans.

Leave your Cell Phones Behind.
Reception on the river is poor. So take a day off and relax! Hang out with Mother Nature. Besides, it would be a bummer if you dropped it in the river!

Please leave your noise boxes out of the river. Maybe you want to hear the blairing of a radio, but others are on the river to enjoy nature. Please respect that.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Ride!
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