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What to Bring:
  Snug Fitting Shoes are a Must!
Flip flops are NOT recommended for use in the river. They do not stay on your feet in running water! A tight fitting shoe is best, because the river is full of rocks, glass and other sorts of sharp objects. The last thing you want to lose on the river is your shoes! If you do not have a pair of water shoes, you may be able to buy a pair at the rental station.
Bring Sunscreen!
Even if you do not ordinarily burn, sunscreen is a good idea.
Human skin tends to burn faster when the body is near water.
I throw a couple bottles in the freezer the night before. They double as ice in my cooler and when I want water to drink, they melt pretty fast in the sun.

A Bandana
I always bring a bandana on my river trips. I use mine mostly to dry my hands, but there are so many uses for one. They can be worn as a headband or hat to keep the hair or sweat out of your eyes. They can be torn to bandage a cut in your foot from not wearing shoes.
The best thing about a bandana is that they dry quite fast on a hot or windy day.
  Long Sleeves and Pants
A good idea no matter what the weather!
I always carry light weight (pajama) pants and a long sleeved t-shirt. I can fit them into a large ziplock baggie if I roll them tight, and I bungee them onto my kayak. If I get too hot, I can put them on to get out of the sun. If I get cool, I put them on to keep warm. If someone else gets burned or cold, I can share. I also carry a pair of socks, just incase.
Snacks or A Lunch
& Beverages

Being on the river makes you hungry and thirsty.

A Bag for your Garbage

Help keep the river clean, carry a garbage bag and put litter in it's place. 
If you have them, bring
Bungee Cords
They are the best way to tie down your cooler!

If you don't have them, we have them for sale at the rental station.
On coolers: If you have them, individual small coolers work best. Large coolers can be weighty on a kayak. If you bring a large cooler, you may want to rent an inner tube to float your cooler in and some rope to tie it to your kayak. We may stock small coolers for sale. Right now we are looking for a fair priced distributer, so we aren't sure if we can stock them.

Click Here to see What Not to Bring.

What Not to Bring:
flipflop   Don't bring FLIP FLOPS!
Wear sensible shoes!
We are tired of collecting flip flops from the river.
If you don't have any water shoes, we will be happy to sell you some at the rental station. Maybe we'll have your size.

Leave Your


at Home!


jewelry If you drop it, it's lost.


Just like that!

Bottles and breakable containers do not belong on the river!
Please buy your beverages in plastic or cans.

cell phone

Leave your Cell Phones Behind.
Reception on the river is poor. So take a day off and relax! Hang out with Mother Nature. Besides, it would be a bummer if you dropped it in the river!
Please leave your noise boxes out of the river. Maybe you want to hear the blairing of a radio, but others are on the river to enjoy nature. Please respect that.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Ride!
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